About Our Business 

Solar Panel Solutions Aus is an Australian owned an operated solar energy company with a location in the Gold Coast. 

Our goal to is to help people to take control of how and where they get their energy in a sustainable and cost effective way. It makes sense for us to provide information on solar costs and installation to help our potential customers make an informed decision before purchasing solar for their home or commercial building. 

We provide services from small home install jobs to large scale commercial offices and buildings. If you're after any information on the process of getting solar energy put in feel free to call us for an appointment and we'll send out a representative to give you more details. 

Our business process is made up of several departments who specialise in their own unique service, from receiving calls to booking appointments to sending out a consultant to meet with you. Then the team of solar power installers who will fix the panels to your buildings roof. 

What Our Business Believes In

It's no secret that the current state of our environment is in need of help. As population grows so does the amount of strain and pressure we're all putting on the need for resources for things like food, water and energy. 

One resource that we can make a huge difference is how we source our power. Getting solar panels on your roof and harvesting energy from the sun is one simple way we can stop relining on outdated methods that are causing damage to our planet. Especially here in Australia where we are blessed with many clear days of sunshine almost all year round.