5 Benefits Of Installing A Solar Hot Water System

In Australia, electricity prices are rising, so it would make sense to save money on power where possible. There is now a great opportunity with a solar hot water system to manipulate the power bill in your favour and reduce the cost of living. Heating your water with a solar hot water system is a great alternative compared to the current ways most Aussies are heating their water. Below is a list of benefits of installing a solar hot water system.

Solar hot water system on house.

Solar Hot Water systems provide reliability and security

The sun will continue to rise and set, it is very consistent. Although there are some cloudy days, there is always lots of sunshine, especially in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Therefore, solar power is a very reliable energy source and you will always have hot water throughout the sunny days of the year. In the event of a power outage there may not be any hot water readily available with a conventional hot water system. However, with a solar hot water system, it doesn’t matter if something goes wrong, there will always be hot water. Solar systems provide energy security and having hot water on demand in any sort of power outage or breaking down of equipment will make your neighbours jealous.

Solar Power saves you money

Although there is a large initial cost of purchase and instalment, in the long-term a solar hot water system will save you money. After instalment, if done properly, you won’t be paying money for hot water ever again. The best decision you ever made was investing in a hot water system that runs on solar power.

You are helping the Environment

There has been plenty of research done over the past decade that suggests solar power doesn’t cause any damage to the environment and if it does it is very limited. Solar electricity is very “green” renewable energy and does not release any carbon dioxide or other “pollutants.” However, the extraction of Lithium and some other materials required to build solar systems is not a very “green” practice.

Home Solar Systems of any kind provide energy independence

Solar panels present homeowners the ability to be energy independent. The sun which is the “fuel” for solar systems cannot be purchased or monopolised, it is free for everyone to use. Solar systems equate to an independent source of electricity that only you can own. Check out our solar Homepage for more information. 

Solar Hot Water System are great choice for properties in rural locations

Those who live in the bush or further away from main power lines they can have trouble getting a cheap supply of electricity. They often only have one energy retailer to choose from. Therefore, these consumers in more rural settings must bow down to the demands of the single retailer or else they will be cut from the electricity grid. However, a great thing about the bush and the outback is that the sun shines a lot. So, a solar hot water system would be perfect for those in remote locations. You can check out more information on how to buy solar panels here. 

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