A Day at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast QLD 

In Dreamworld there are so many thrilling rides, fun attractions, nice food and cool shops. It really does take a whole day to explore the park. Many families and groups go into Dreamworld without planning how they are going to spend their day. Groups arrive at the park, go through the entrance, grab a map and have no idea what to do first. For maximum enjoyment and to get the best out of your day at Dreamworld you should plan.

People enjoying rollercoaster superman ride.

Planning your day at the
Theme Park 

In the morning as soon as you arrive at the park, you are excited. Therefore, you should not hold back that excitement and go straight on the fun and thrilling rides. For a family group with adolescents or kids, this is a good idea because it will make them happy and set in them a great mood for the rest of the day. You don’t want them complaining all day cause you wanted to go see a slow paced boring attraction first that they wouldn’t be interested in. 

Rides for the Adults

Dreamworld has the most thrilling rides out of all the theme parks with thrillers such as Tail Spin, Giant Drop, Tower of Terror and Buzz Saw.

Going on rides all morning, you will have so much fun and will have used so much energy that lunch time will come around very quickly. In Dreamworld there is so much food to choose from, you really are spoiled for choice. You can have burgers, fish, chips, pizza, pies, sandwiches, coffees, ice creams, hot dogs and Asian food. It’s a great time to relax, soak up the atmosphere or have a conversation about the rides. Click here to return to our homepage. 

After lunch, if there are any rides that you missed earlier in the day that you would like to ride, you should go on them. The lines will be shorter as everyone else may be having lunch or doing something else. Once you have completed going on all the rides you wanted to, you should then go see some on the entertaining attractions. There are places in Dreamworld like the ABC Kids World and the Wiggles World which is a great place to go for families with young children.

For the Kids

The DreamWorks experience is also very fun for kids. It brings all the characters from movies like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar to life. There are also live shows and presentations around the clock. These include seeing live koalas, crocodiles, tigers, kangaroos and a sheep shearing show. With the Sunset Safari Experience, everyone can get up close and touch very amazing Australian wildlife. 

Another great place to take the family is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for the day.

At the end of the day before you leave would be the correct time to buy a souvenir. Don’t buy something during the day, you don’t want to be carrying it around everywhere. Overall, Dreamworld is a very exciting theme park with lots to see and do for the whole day.

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