A Look at Springbrook’s National Parks Walks

Springbrook National park has walks that are suitable for every family, individual or group to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you are strolling, hiking or meandering through the park you will be amazed by the native flora and fauna appearing at every turn.

Within Springbrook National Park there is a variety of environments including subtropical forests, temperate forests, eucalypt forests and mountain heaths. You should bring your camera and binoculars to enhance your experience.  Here is a list of walks, from shortest to longest, that you can take on at the great Springbrook park.

Bush track with trees and walking trail

Some of the more popular walking trails in Springbrook

Goomoolahra Falls and Picnic Area

The ten-minute walk leads to a truly wonderful lookout at Goomoolahra Falls, most of it is on asphalt. Gazing out from the Goomoolahra lookout you can see across the canyons to the lovely city skyline of surface paradise. It truly is an amazing view.

Best of All Lookout

The Best of All Lookout Walk takes around thirty minutes to complete. While walking along the track you will come across moss laden relics formed from the last ice age. You will also see what are known as Antarctic Beech trees which are estimated to be around 2000 years old. The path is mostly a gentle slope that continues down to a lookout. This lookout has fantastic views of the Tweed Valley, to Mt Warning and all the way down south.

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Twin Falls Circuit

The Twin Falls Circuit is known to be the best short walk in southern Queensland. You will see rock clefts, a few waterfalls and lovely 1500-year-old palm trees with beautiful ferns. There is also an opportunity to take a dip in one of the rock pools on the way. This walk will take at least three hours to complete.

Purling Brook Falls Circuit

The Purling Brook Falls Circuit starts off by walking across a Suspension bridge into an open Eucalyptus forest. After walking through the forest, you will descend into the gorge below. This is where you will see wonderful creeks flowing with water. Then there is a climb towards a picnic area. The circuit takes around 5 hours to complete.

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Warrie Circuit

The Warrie Circuit is the most interesting walk you can do on Springbrook mountain. It commences along the base of the cliffs near Goomoolahra Falls. It then descends into the depths of the rainforest. The forest is very mossy and green, you will discover many creeks and gullies. The canyon floor contains many pools of water. Water flows down from the top of the canyon creating many beautiful mini waterfalls.

The cascading waterfalls are truly a thing of beauty. Therefore, you should really take your time for this part of the walk and really appreciate the flowing water. The reason this walk is named the Warrie circuit is because Warrie is an Aboriginal word for rushing water. The walk takes about a day to complete but a good hiker can get it done in half a day.

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