Who's Verified To Install Home Solar Systems?

Businesses in Australia that supply solar panels and solar system installations to consumers should be accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Businesses who have accreditation with the Clean Energy Council will be guaranteed to employ electricians and experts who are specialised in setting up solar systems. Consumers who want a guarantee that their solar system is installed properly should only do business with organisations accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

3 Solar panel technicians putting solar on roof.

This is because retailers that are accredited by the council have signed up to what is named as the Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct. This document holds organisations in the clean energy business accountable, making sure they provide consumers quality products and services. They must provide consumers with a quality product and proper installation or else they will lose their accreditation. Accredited solar system installers by the Clean Energy Council have proved that they sell solar systems that are good quality and function safely. They have also proved that their employers install solar systems properly.

Make Sure The Installer Is Qualified 

It’s important to get accredited electricians to install a solar system as they can be very complicated and possibly dangerous to set up. You can find info on installers on this page. For solar systems to be advantageous or profitable to consumers they need to work at full efficiency for a numerous amount of years. Solar systems that are not installed properly won’t work at full efficiency and may not have any longevity. Therefore, if solar systems are not installed properly it will be disadvantageous to consumers to get solar panels in the first place. 

Most businesses that sell solar panels in Australia to consumers have a team of experts. This is because every residence is different. When consumers purchase solar panels, businesses will usually send solar experts to analyse the physical aspects of their property and the property’s power supply and network. For this reason it's a good idea to understand how solar panels work. 

For example, these experts will be analysing the size of the roof, roof shading, roof direction and the shape of the roof. They will also be analysing the consumers current power details, such as how much power is used, what time of the day it is used, the consumers position in the electricity market and how the house is connected to the baseload power grid. This analysis is done so that suppliers can provide the best possible solar system for the consumers property.

After the solar experts have scoped the property and analysed the property’s power supply and network, businesses will give a quote to the customer. They will then often get in touch with the residence’s baseload supplier to let them know that their customer is getting solar panels. This is so retailers can prepare for the property’s solar system installation. During installation the house will receive new wiring, circuit breakers, cables, an inverter and of course the solar panels. The installation process is costly but that is because setting up a solar system is a complicated process involving expensive electrical equipment.

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